Despite Boundaries. Iraq. Syria. Gaza. Sudan. Afghanistan, and more -- countries that are among the world's neediest, plagued with violence and terrorism.

Places where volunteers ride mule trains up mountains to transport those injured in an earthquake back down to safety, all the way dodging boulders still falling due to aftershocks. Countries where teams deliver medical supplies to a hospital treating civilians injured in intensive bombing attacks. Regions where we are helping frightened refugees -- including aged parents and young children -- who are fleeing barefoot across the hot sand with everything they own on their backs, desperately seeking the safety of a refugee camp but with an indeterminate future ahead of them.

These are just some of the situations where Conscience International teams and volunteers have worked in recent years or are working now -- places where you can become a partner, as a volunteer or as a donor, in changing conditions to transform lives.

Conscience International programs respond to wars, natural disasters, disease, and humanitarian crises around the globe. Wherever possible, development assistance is arranged in communities for medical, nutrition, construction, water, education and empowerment programs.

We are dedicated to saving lives, restoring health, and giving help and hope to suffering people.