From the ruins of disaster to solid foundations in affected places since 1991.

In the wake of the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010, Conscience International sent seven medical teams to care for the injured and give aid to the suffering. It wasn’t long before the focus shifted to providing shelter to some of the hundreds of thousands who had lost their homes.

In searching for ways to build inexpensive, secure houses, and after consulting with an architect, Conscience International President Dr. James E. Jennings and Project Director Jeremy Holloman came up with the idea of using the actual ruins of disaster to create new homes for the homeless. The houses are made of recycled rubble from the earthquake and feature a unique design that makes them seismic resistant.The innovative method has been successfully tested for stability by the construction engineering program at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Ga., and allows 10 workers to build one small home in a week. Nearly 200 homes have been completed by Conscience International teams since then. 

Conscience International volunteers have constructed clinics and schools in Bangladesh and Haiti, an orphanage in Myanmar, and post-disaster houses in the Philippines, Honduras, and Thailand.