What's Happening Now

27 Migrant Camps in Duhok/Mosul Area Hit by Flood Waters—Adding More Suffering for Refugees —

Days of heavy rains sending flood waters throughout all 27 IDP camps in the Duhok/Mosul area of Iraq have turned what was already a miserable living situation for refugees into a swamp of mud with more rain on its way.  


2018 MedicalMissions.org Physician of the Year—Dr. Ted Belanger—

With a life-long desire to serve the underprivileged around the world, Dr. Ted Belanger of the Texas Back Institute, Dallas, leads the Conscience International medical project in Ethiopia.


Major Disaster in Indonesia— Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano Eruption Sends Conscience International to Hardest Hit areas—

In the space of one week, Indonesia got a powerful three-count punch—first an earthquake, then a tsunami, then a volcano erupted.  More than one thousand have been killed and humanitarian aid is desperately needed for the survivors.


Conscience International Newsletter Fall 2018—

Conscience International - Helping Hurting People in Greece, Bangladesh, Turkey, Guatemala. Read how in our Fall 2018 newsletter.


Simple, Small Gestures Make a Big Difference—Showing Compassion for Two Orphans in Bangladesh—

When Richard Sarker’s granddaughter read our story about Sreamoni and Wilson a few months ago (www.conscienceinternational.org/news/2018/06/11/newsdetail/a-family-tragedy-in-bangladesh) she went to her closet at her home in America and pulled out some of her prettiest dresses, handed them to her grandfather (who is Conscience International’s Program Director for SE Asia) and asked him to take the clothes to Sreamoni in Bangladesh.


Persecuted in Their Native Country of Myanmar, Suffering in a Refugee Camp in Bangladesh—the Rohingya are Without Home or Country —

It has been just over a year since the mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from their home in the Rakhine State of Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh, fleeing from the military slaughter that has already killed thousands, according to media reports.  Now some 900,000 are settled in a web of camps with little support for the basics of life—food being the most critical need. 


Conscience International’s Report from Greece:

10,000 Refugees Now in Moria Camp Alone—More on the Way. But Still They Arrive with Hope —

Conscience International’s project representative in Greece, Shealy Smith, was there when the Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos received its 10,000th current resident. This is the greatest influx since the migrant crisis began in 2015. In mid- August, thirteen boats carrying 499 people landed on shore, the first stop on an unforeseeable future.They arrive shaken and uncertain. But they also arrive with hope


Children Suffer the Most—Dealing with Disabilities in a Refugee Camp in Turkey

Kenana’s Story: —

This is Kenana, a precious, beautiful seven-year-old who already has seen more of war and loss in her home country of Syria than anyone should see in a lifetime-- much less one so young and vulnerable. Add the fact that she suffers from diabetes and kidney failure, a terrific blow to a family that must eke out an existence in a hardship environment of a refugee camp in Hatay, Turkey.