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Houses burned, families tortured, a tribal Muslim group forced to flee their native Myanmar where they have lived since the 8th century—ethnic cleansing at its worst. Myanmar refuses to recognize their existence.  Now they exist in huts in refugee camps throughout Bangladesh……facing hunger and hopelessness with each new day. 



We’re in Bangladesh to Stay —

It started with a love for his own country—Bangladesh—and the compassion to give back some of the blessings he had been given when he left it for America many years ago.


This is Where Conscience International Teams are Serving the Disadvantaged and Destitute in 2019.

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Bangladesh Second phase primary school construction is completed in Shambhuganj Village, led by Southeast Asia Program Director Richard Sarker. The dedication was in April. Guatemala Land acquisition for building homes for families displaced by Fuego Volcano is in progress, led by Project Director Kenny Phillips. Turkey Prosthesis rehabilitation more

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From the Heart of America to the Heart of Africa--They're Standing Taller Now.


When a Disaster Changes Lives—and a Profession – in Minutes—

Dedy and Agnes Bronson and their two children, ages 15 and 8, were living a secure and happy life in Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia when in late September, 2018, an underwater 7.5 earthquake created a 10-foot high tsunami that rushed on-shore, crushing multi-story hotels, houses, places of worship, and once beautiful tourist attractions. The Bronsons ran for their lives.


Conscience International Partners in Turkey to Aid Disabled Syrian Refugees—

Raghad is a five-year-old girl from Idlib, Syria who escaped the rage of war in her home country five years ago to live in a refugee camp in Turkey. She has five brothers and three sisters, and her father Abraham struggles to provide care for his large family, made more difficult by the fact that Raghad has hyper-extension of her left knee and needs an orthotic device to correct the deformity.   


Conscience International Newsletter Winter 2018—

Helping Hurting People Through Women’s Empowerment Programs.