What's Happening Now

Rohingya refugee children are dying of acute malnutrition in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar—does the world care?—

A Conscience International team is working in the Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar district distributing truckloads of rice and lentils to help feed the Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar (Burma) due to persecution. More than 600,000 refugees exist in a cramped, hot, humid, muddy area—nearly half of the number are more

We’re making blocks and building bathrooms for earthquake victims in Mexico.—

There is a lot going on here, and the local construction stores have made sure they are doing their part by increasing prices. We have relentlessly tried to find a block maker but no success. We did find some molds so we are saving half the cost of blocks by making them ourselves. We have found three families who need bathrooms. We are building those now. more

Conscience International is in Bangladesh—The school we built is expanding; children are getting hot meals.—

The Gihon School building project in the village of Shambhuganj, Bangladesh that Conscience International initiated along with the local community in 2012 is bursting at the seams. Already 186 students from grades one to grade five are currently enrolled in just three school rooms, but so many more children are eagerly waiting for their own chance to more

Conscience International is rebuilding homes for earthquake victims in Mexico—

We are still looking for a brick-making machine but we are having some difficulty finding one because so many people have bought them already. The government here has given most people pre-paid credit cards to start the rebuilding process, but it’s not enough to complete the home. I see many houses being repaired or rebuilt but I don’t see more

Conscience International and Give Me Shelter Ministries Continue Relief Efforts in Mexico—

This time we are going to start the re-build process back in Ixtaltepec. I have a plan in place but ultimately I will let the community weigh in and give us their ideas. This will be a community project overseen by the local church but will be implemented by the people. I arrived late Monday night only to find out that my partner Natanael was stuck in more

A Day in the Life of Conscience International—

A Day in the Life of Conscience International ETHIOPIA-- One of the most successful of our stories is found in Ethiopia where Conscience International’s medical team from the Texas Back Institute in Dallas returns each year to provide free surgery to Ethiopia’s young people who are suffering from deformed spines. This ongoing Spinal Surgery more

The International Crisis Nearly No One Has Heard Of—The Plight of Myanmar’s Rohingyas Forced to Bangladesh—

Since August 25, 2017 nearly 600,000 Rohingya Muslims, a minority group living in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) have been forced to trade their homes and homeland for refugee status in neighboring Bangladesh following a violent crackdown by the Myanmar military. Reports from the area tell of the atrocities-- the systematic killing of men, women and more

A Day in the Life of Conscience International - Bangladesh—

Some of the most desperate and needy people on earth are fleeing wars and natural disasters without any protection or aid. Many live under powerless and often hostile governments. Disease is rampant and resources are few. Helping out in critical moments is the role of Conscience International. Here are some of our current activities: more