What's Happening Now

Conscience International in Guatemala—Helping to Rebuild Lives and Homes to Meet Cultural and Economic Needs of the People—

Today we met a man named Marco who took us out to the country to look at some potential land to buy so we can build 10 permanent houses for victims of the Fuego Volcano eruption,


Conscience International in Guatemala Aiding Fuego Volcano Victims—

Project Director Kenny Phillips reports: We arrived in Escuintla in late afternoon and met Dr. Kenny at the Maná de Vida compound. They have a school, clinic, agriculture training, high school scholarship program, feeding program and more.  They have been active since 2006.


Persistence: Conscience International is Back in Guatemala, Looking to Build Permanent Housing for victims of the Fuego Volcano Disaster. —

It’s travel day. Could not have come at a better time.  Our youngest daughter Lydia has joined me. What an awesome time to spend together out in the field. Conscience International and Give Me Shelter Ministries will once again join forces and continue where we left off last trip. Our vision is to help relocate some of the volcano victims with land and a home.


Rescuing the Perishing, Helping the Homeless, Feeding the Hungry In the refugee camps in Greece

Long Term and In Depth: Holloman Family Leads Conscience International’s Three-Year Response to the Migrant Crisis —

Standing in a cramped aluminum container building with two small folding desks, a bench, and an essential wall unit air conditioner, Conscience International Program Coordinator Jeremy Holloman is at the center of a turbulent village of 5,000 refugees from thirty nations.



Little Girls in Cayette and Furon Get New Dresses Made by Florida Church Team —

Arriving at the ravine between the two villages of Cayette and Furon we heard children singing. They were waiting for us. It was so cool singing songs with the kids and seeing them dancing and behaving so well while waiting for their gifts.


Conscience International—Helping Trauma Victims in Lagos, Nigeria—

Recognizing Nigeria’s urgent need for more trained psycho-social counselors, Conscience International has formed a partnership with Richmont Graduate University, Marietta, GA,  USA, and The Educator, an aid organization in Nigeria, to sponsor this summer’s Trauma Counseling Workshop in Lagos, Nigeria.


In Ethiopia: A Doll ‘Just Like Me’ Helps a Little Girl Heal —

Nurse Toni Belanger picked up a doll and wrapped its legs and abdomen with gauze to mimic the dressings of the three-year-old burn victim. 

The little girl had been severely scarred when her dress caught fire and stuck to her chest, neck, lower face, shin and arms.


AIDS AWARENESS: Helping Victims of Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria—

Because of the Boko Haram insurgency, the people of northeastern Nigeria have become some of the most vulnerable people to violence, poverty, disease and lack of development in all of Africa.