What's Happening Now

During Covid-19—

our teams are taking the risk and going where others cannot or will not go, providing aid to the most marginalized people in crisis in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. 


Conscience International President Dr. James Jennings delivers aid and advocates peace.—

His motto: “Don’t explain your philosophy—embody it!”



Conscience International's team and partners have completed eight of 10 planned homes in Taxisco for families who lost everything in the 2018 volcano eruption


Conscience International Delivering Emergency Aid to Hurricane-Damaged Communities in Coastal Guatemala —

When Hurricane Eta’s devastating sweep through Central America in November left villages, homes, and people buried in mud and floods and many survivors homeless, Conscience International Program Director for Latin America, Dr. Jurguen Kiehnle, MD, and Conscience International President Dr. James Jennings, PhD, began organizing an emergency plan to help.


IN VIETNAM— Ingenuity Gets Aid Delivered to Orphanage in Spite of Covid-19 and Floods—

When the pandemic shut-down created additional challenges to find enough food to supply the orphanage at Cu Chi in southern Vietnam, Conscience International’s local teams found a unique way to make it happen. They went to a rice granary which had just harvested the field and asked if they could buy rice directly from them. On hearing it was for an orphanage, the granary agreed but it still had to be dried, ground, packed and delivered.


Humanitarian Aid in a Time of Plague—

When Breakdown Offers Opportunity. Read how your contributions are sustaining life for the world's most underserved.


Running from Isis in Iraq

One family’s exodus in impossible conditions and how Conscience International is helping them manage now. —

It wouldn’t be easy-- as running from wars and terrorist pursuits never are.  But when the family head and only provider has already lost a leg by a land mine in the Iraq/Iran war,  fleeing ISIS from their hometown in Anbar Province, Iraq to Kirkuk and on to Kurdistan with a family of eight members in 2015 was seemingly impossible. A son, Jasem, 28 years old at the time, was brain-impaired from his youth and couldn’t walk or communicate clearly. To get from place to place at home he had to crawl.


Conscience International is Providing Essential Lifesaving Support to Families in Nigeria-- Boosting Nutrition in the midst of Covid-19

From Reliefweb Aug. 13, 2020 —

"The humanitarian situation in Nigeria remains one of the largest crises in the world today. Urgent assistance is needed to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in the most populous country in Africa, especially in overcrowded camps for internally displaced persons. Now is the time for all stakeholders to take coordinated action."