Nothing in this world is as important to each of us as our physical safety. Today’s world is enmeshed in terrorism, turmoil, gigantic refugee flows, and skyrocketing disease. Where then, on this increasingly violent earth, can people turn for shelter, for physical safety? Some are trapped in India after fleeing their native country of Myanmar. Others have now fled Afghanistan. Conscience International is helping.

The families we continue to serve in the huge Kupatalong camp in Bangladesh live in flimsy shelters. Many more in other countries live the same. That’s why our teams are building solid timber homes where we can—currently in Guatemala for volcano eruption victims. Most of us in the USA feel secure in our homes. We have walls, doors, locks, and, if needed, emergency fire and police response. When I lock my door at night, I think of people I’ve met in Afghanistan, Haiti, Sudan, Jordan, and dozens of other places who don’t have secure homes. Theirs is a precarious existence, with only a tent or wicker shelter without locks or even a door to guarantee protection. Bloodthirsty militias roam in many places, especially at night, robbing, killing, and raping at will. Where can people find safety?

Conscience International has engaged in helping refugees and victims of disasters in many countries, building permanent homes in Haiti, India, Guatemala, Thailand, and Philippines. In other places—Kenya, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iraq, and Ethiopia—we have enabled people to live their lives in safety and dignity. You are invited to be our partner in this vital effort. By joining us you are joint humanitarians directly aiding people who have no other help.