The Challenge of Repeated Suffering--INDIA/MYANMAR/ BANGLADESH 

Forced to flee to another country due to a crackdown by the military in their native Myanmar, (Burma), many families from indigenous tribes are now arriving as refugees in India. Conscience International’s local partners are assisting them at Moreh, Manipur State, India, with food, medicine, and basic hygiene supplies.

Myanmar Doctors, Nurses now serving fellow refugees in India

For several years--since 2017--Conscience International has been working in the giant Kupatalong refugee camp in Ukia Province, Bangladesh, supplying truckloads of food for some of the almost million homeless Rohingya Muslims who fled Myanmar as the result of ethnic cleansing. These refugees continue to need our help, having suffered from repeated disasters, including Covid-19, a major camp fire that destroyed 10,000 of their flimsy shelters, and a devastating flood.