In the Place of the Forgotten--HAITI

When Conscience International’s emergency team arrived in Haiti following this summer’s 7.2 earthquake, team leader Kenny Phillips headed north to Camp Perrin, a town devastated by the 2016 Hurricane Matthew.

What he found was far more damage than what others were finding in Les Cayes. “If this town suffered this much, what do the small villages look like that are forsaken by their government,” he said. So he headed over mountains and ravines to the village of Saut-Mathurine where the team stopped—to help. With Conscience International partner, Pastor Harry (pictured), they organized the villagers and immediately handed out 48 tarps (at a premium now) –for temporary shelter. The next day they headed back to the village with food and water for families—mothers, children-- who have lost everything. Our mission continues. They need your help.