Conscience International Sends Aid to Boost Nutrition in Nigeria for Families Impacted by Covid-19 Crisis

From Reliefweb May 4, 2020

"The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a social and economic crisis that is rapidly exacerbating an ongoing nutrition insecurity in Nigeria...there was concern (over the) nutrition situation in Nigeria before the COVID-19 pandemic. Stunting and wasting rates were 37% and 7% respectively."

Conscience International West Africa Program Director Baker Hill has been collecting reports from people helped by our food distribution program in Nigeria.   

From a family in Nigeria’s troubled Northeast region: “Our parents have died of Covid 19, and we have been without any means to make a living, we were begging for what to eat daily. Last week some food items were distributed, and we were able to get corn, beans and cooking oil that will last possibly two months. We see this as God's answer to our prayers. At least we will not die, as we earlier thought. We are grateful for the love shown to us.”