Conscience International is Providing Essential Lifesaving Support to Families in Nigeria-- Boosting Nutrition in the midst of Covid-19

From Reliefweb Aug. 13, 2020

"The humanitarian situation in Nigeria remains one of the largest crises in the world today. Urgent assistance is needed to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in the most populous country in Africa, especially in overcrowded camps for internally displaced persons. Now is the time for all stakeholders to take coordinated action."

From a widow (not pictured) whose husband was killed in the ongoing conflict in Northeastern Nigeria: “We had not been cooking at home because we had nothing to cook. We were without food for several months. Our neighbors used to assist us with some food at least twice a week. We were starving and getting weak. The food items distributed last week came to us as a miracle that we were not expecting. God sent it to keep us alive.”

From another widow as a result of the conflict (not pictured): “I have been suffering from cancer on my finger, I have not been working for six months, no money to get good medical attention, no food for myself and my two sons who went out to beg for food every day. Now we have some maize, beans, and oil. I could not believe that someone would do such an amazing thing for my family. We have been praying for food and clothing, and the Lord has sent  food to save us. This means so much to us.”

Similar testimonials came from other families in the same region: “[Your representative] gave us food items last week and told us that the food was sent to us from Americans to make sure we have enough.  We were saved from starvation and untimely death. We have food for the next several months. We are grateful to God and the donors.”

“I am feeling happy and excited for the unexpected act of love shown to me last week. My husband has been without work since Covid led to the loss of his job.  We have been suffering from lack of food.  [Your leader] and his team shared some food items with many needy people last week, and we are beneficiaries. Indeed, the Lord is my shepherd.

“I went without food for a long time, but I am going to be eating at least once a day because of the love shown to me through friends in America.”