Conscience International is Delivering Food to Border for Distribution to Venezuela’s Starving Poor

Food has already been delivered to the people of Rio Negro, one of the poorest regions in Venezuela, as well as to Los Teques, Caracas; Carabobo, NaguaNagua, Puerto Ayachucho, Amazonas, and Tucupita, Delta Amacuro. But we have so much more to do.

In Venezuela, a country with one of the weakest health care systems even before the Covid-19 pandemic, with cases and deaths increasing and a government that has until now virtually ignored the plight of its people who are starving from lack of food, Conscience International is on the border--purchasing food and supplies outside of Venezuela for delivery to vulnerable families inside the country despite that government’s constraints on outside aid.

In January, even before the Covid-19 outbreak became world-wide news, our team had already assessed the food crisis in Venezuela. So far, the Venezuelan government has refused to allow humanitarian agencies into the country, but through our network of trusted local volunteers, we are able to purchase, pack, and move supplies from the border to key areas and deliver direct to home-bound families. Because grocery stores in Venezuela have empty shelves or are closed or non-existent in small villages, many Venezuelans travel to the border themselves trying to find food, but that is a dangerous and long journey. 

 “It is a slow process due to restrictions and lack of food availability inside Venezuela, but our partners keep working to feed those who need it most,” says Dr. Juergen Kiehnle MD, Conscience International Program Director for Latin America, who volunteered at personal risk to travel from the U.S. and take on this assignment. “

Each bag of food and basic hygiene supplies will last seven days at a cost of only US $8-$12.

Please consider those who have nothing at all. Conscience International can continue this program but only with your help. A donation in any amount will go a long way to purchase and deliver essential food items direct to more families inside Venezuela. The food crisis is real!

You can donate on our secure website here or by mail:

Conscience International
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