BY JAMES JENNINGS, PhD, Founder and President Conscience International

The Coronavirus pandemic has stunned the world. Entire populations are affected by illness, economic collapse, and fear of death, being forced to remain isolated and inactive until the crisis is over. Yet breakdown offers opportunity!  Finding peace in this distressing situation is very challenging, but there is a path that works:

LOOK WITHIN—Get in touch with your conscience. “Remember to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience”  —George Washington.

LOOK BEYOND—This is a good time to find partners for conscientious action among family, friends, and colleagues. Ask them to join you in inventing ways to help others.

There is great power in acting on the impulses of your conscience—and that power is strengthened by acting together with others.

START WHERE YOU ARE— You and your family may be facing difficult circumstances right now; yet look around and you’ll find people who are even worse off. All local food banks in your neighborhood will need help in the coming months.  You can get involved by caring for people where you live.

DON’T FORGET THE MOST NEEDY—Millions of refugees around the world are suffering greatly without even the rudiments of civilization—shelter, food, beds, safe places to sleep, water, soap, and clean toilets.

OUR STRATEGY—How Conscience International reaches suffering people:

  • We form cadres of compassionate persons
  • We respond rapidly to needs
  • We develop dependable international partners
  • We focus on building solid relationships with communities
  • We develop deep and lasting programs 

PLEASE JOIN US—Conscience International needs your help: 

  • Feeding Rohingya refugees at the world’s largest camp in Bangladesh;
  • Building homes for displaced people in Guatemala;
  • Supplying prosthesis and rehabilitation devices for victims of the long, cruel Syrian War;
  • Providing medical supplies and Covid-19 equipment to Niger in West Africa;
  • Performing spinal surgery for adolescent victims of scoliosis in Ethiopia;
  • Engineering support for sanitation installations at refugee camps in North Iraq;
  • Drilling water wells in Ethiopia;
  • Covid-19 response that includes feeding programs for children in Columbia and Venezuela.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount here