Nora’s Story

—The Unforeseen Misfortunes of War

In 2014, three years after the war in Syria began, yet another family was forced to flee Aleppo in fear. Abandoning their home and virtually everything they owned, they made it to Kilis, Turkey and on to Istanbul where their daughter, Nora, was born in 2017. They were safe from the war, but not from a new problem. Nora was born with Lordosis of the lower spine, a curvature just above the buttocks causing swayback.

Treatment may not be necessary in children unless the curvature begins to increase. But if it does, treatment needs to start early. In Nora’s case, Conscience International, through its Prosthesis & Rehabilitation Program, is supporting Nora with free treatment that, for now, means she is being fitted with a body cast from which a brace will be made.  As she grows, we will monitor her progress and make new braces. With time and consistent care, we believe her health and condition will improve. 

And thanks to friends like you, your donations are allowing us to treat more innocent children who not only suffer from the consequences of war, but sometimes are born with congenital conditions for which their parents have no hope to heal without help.   

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