Can You Imagine?

Osman’s Story—The Unforeseen Misfortunes of War

Eight-year-old Osman and his family thought they were finally getting out of war-ravished Syria. In 2017, seven years into a war that has shattered so much of their homeland, demolished homes, devastated families and traumatized lives, he and his family were at last fleeing Aleppo—on foot. But on the road Osman was hit by a passing car. Tragically, he would lose both of his legs, near his hips—an unexpected misfortune of war.

Quickly transported to Osmaniye, Turkey, Osman received emergency surgery and spent two months in the hospital recovering enough to be transported to Istanbul where, now age eleven, he still awaits prosthetic devices and rehabilitation so he can reach his dream of walking again. Conscience International is committed to help him do just that by providing free prosthetics and seeing him through rehabilitation.

But then another misfortune. The Covid-19 pandemic shut everything down.

Matthew Coley, former Navy Medical Corpsman and Conscience International Program Director for Prosthesis & Rehabilitation, had to return to the US from Turkey just before the lockdown. 

Nevertheless, as soon as restrictions are lifted, the Conscience International team will be on the plane hand-carrying prosthetics equipment and supplies and preparing to help Osman through what could be months of multiple fittings, castings, and aggressive physical therapy before the muscles in his existing limbs shut down. It’s a lot to go through for an 11-year-old boy who has already gone through so much loss—home, country, and emotional cost.  But he has not lost hope for his future.


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