Water is the key to sustaining life, but in many small villages in Africa, South East Asia, and elsewhere, water, if available at all, must be carried from streams a long walk away, even streams that are sometimes polluted.  In refugee camps, where hundreds of thousands have had to flee homelands devastated by war or natural disasters, water is rationed or may not exist at all.

In these hard times, Conscience International’s teams are still operational, working through our partners in the field to bring relief to some of the most challenging places on earth. That’s what we are appointed to do—work through the hard times.

In 2018 we worked with WATER IS LIFE INTERNATIONAL to drill three village wells in Ethiopia, a country with one of the highest rates of childhood disease and malnutrition in the world.  Water-borne disease is a primary cause of the estimated 300,000 deaths among children and adults each year in that country alone. Our plan was, and still is, to drill more wells there this year, but we need your help.

Please think of what it would be like to go without water for even one day, then support our efforts by donating on our secure website at or by mail at:

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