The Tragedies and Triumphs of War's Innocent Victims

In 2016, Firas, 33, was standing in front of his home in Duma, Syria when it was bombed by a military fighter jet.  His right leg was blown off and his house was destroyed.  His dad also suffered traumatic injuries, losing both of his legs. The family survived the bombing but at a heavy cost.

A year later, in Adana, Turkey, Firas received a prosthetic device from a private organization. But on-going pain and discomfort from physical changes to his body due to age and lack of proper physical therapy required a better solution. 

Now, thanks to donors who have contributed to Conscience International's  Prosthesis & Rehabilitation program at Firas is now receiving a new prosthetic device that will not only give him a better fit to remove the pain and discomfort but will also improve his mobility for an improved life-style. 


With renewed hope for his future, Firas is moving on, determined to turn tragedy into triumph. He is working to change his situation through online education that will help him find a job to provide for his family. 

Conscience International is also determined--to do our part in helping him succeed in that. You can help too! Please donate in any amount to help innocent victims of unconscionable war have productive lives-- like yours.