We’re in Bangladesh to Stay

It started with a love for his own country—Bangladesh—and the compassion to give back some of the blessings he had been given when he left it for America many years ago.

Richard Sarker, Conscience International Program Director for Bangladesh, has been advocating to bring his native village of Shambhuganj out of poverty and into the 21st century with community development, women’s empowerment, and educational programs for children, widows, and families who have nothing of material value but do have a willingness to participate in building their own future.

It Took One Idea—And A Village That Cared

In 2012, Conscience International supported an idea—what if someone donated land and built a school so children in one of the poorest areas of Bangladesh could get an education and a head start out of poverty.  And someone did.  Richard Sarker’s family donated the land and Conscience International set about to build a school for the first four grades.

Classes had hardly begun when word spread and more children—of all ages-- were begging to learn.

Soon the classroom was bulging with learners, but still they came and a second shift was needed, but that too became overwhelming.  And what about upper grade classes as school children advanced year to year?

The quality of the teaching and the cooperation and hands-on participation of school parents and the entire village has, in just seven years, made this village school a recognized stand-out.

In April, 2019 Conscience International was there for the dedication of its second school building, the first- ever two-story structure to be built in the village.

Conscience International photo