This is Where Conscience International Teams are Serving the Disadvantaged and Destitute in 2019.

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Second phase primary school construction is completed in Shambhuganj Village, led by Southeast Asia Program Director Richard Sarker. The dedication was in April.



Land acquisition for building homes for families displaced by Fuego Volcano is in progress, led by Project Director Kenny Phillips.



Prosthesis rehabilitation workshops organized by Program Director Matthew Coley are now being held for victims of the Syrian War at locations in Istanbul, Diyarbekir, and Gaziantep near the Syrian border.





Reconstruction work will continue with our volunteer engineer (name withheld for security reasons) at the devastated city of Sinjar where war has destroyed so much and family lives are so uncertain.






Shipment of operating room equipment is now in progress to the main maternal/child hospital to support gynecological surgery training program and update and improve existing facilities that have so little in the way of equipment (photo).


We continue to support numerous groups of widows of Boko Haram attacks by providing gas-powered grist mills enabling women’s economic empowerment, led by Program Director for West Africa Baker Hill.


In the wake of the tremendous tsunami that struck Palu, Sualawsi last year, Conscience International has made two visits to provide support for the victims and plans to return.


Completion of twenty more roofs is being planned for a total of 120 houses damaged by the hurricane.  Teams led by Kenny Phillips have in fact re-roofed an entire village.



This summer Conscience International will support volunteer Shealy Smith for work with Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Amman on the Syrian border, and at a summer youth camp. 










Conscience International has two projects in Ethiopia.  Our medical team from the Texas Back Institute will be traveling again in June to perform surgery that will give straight backs to many young people suffering from scoliosis—severe curvature of the spine.  It is all free to the patient. See our Spring, 2019 newsletter for more information. In addition, Conscience International remains committed to bringing conveniently located wells and fresh water to villages through our waterdrilling project as we did in 2018 through our partners.


 “This has revitalized a perspective that there is something pure and good about helping people who need it in exchange for nothing other than a thank you.”—Ted Belanger, MD

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