When a Disaster Changes Lives—and a Profession – in Minutes

Dedy and Agnes Bronson and their two children, ages 15 and 8, were living a secure and happy life in Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia when in late September, 2018, an underwater 7.5 earthquake created a 10-foot high tsunami that rushed on-shore, crushing multi-story hotels, houses, places of worship, and once beautiful tourist attractions. The Bronsons ran for their lives.

Conscience International was among the early responders, delivering emergency aid and assessing needs for on-going help to the more seriously affected and homeless people. 

The Bronsons were among the fortunate—their lives were spared but their home was gone, even the location on which it sat could no longer be found.  Dedy’s position as an attorney with a leasing company ended that day.  The leasing company was also gone. But the Bronsons are a resourceful people. For several months they stayed in temporary camp shelters, but they knew they had to rebuild their lives--somehow.

With a generous gift from an American church, they have been able to rent a two-room house, starting a grocery store in the front room and using the back room as a bedroom for four. The children sleep on a mattress placed on the shop floor.  On sales of groceries amounting to $30 per day, they earn between $5-$6.  It is far from the life style they once enjoyed, but it is a beginning, a self-reliant venture mostly operated by Agnes while Dedy struggles to find work.

He has kept his attorney attire (a long black robe worn by attorneys in Indonesia) carefully hung on his bedroom wall—hoping someday he can resume his legal profession.

Conscience International is back in Indonesia working with local partners to help the homeless. You can help too.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount.