Conscience International Partners in Turkey to Aid Disabled Syrian Refugees

Raghad is a five-year-old girl from Idlib, Syria who escaped the rage of war in her home country five years ago to live in a refugee camp in Turkey.  She has five brothers and three sisters, and her father Abraham struggles to provide care for his large family, made more difficult by the fact that Raghad has hyper-extension of her left knee and needs an orthotic device to correct the deformity.   

When  Conscience International Project Director for Prosthetic Rehabilitation, Matthew Coley, met them at the free clinic in Istanbul, he was particularly encouraged by Abraham’s determination to care for his family by advancing his education as a student at a local university—a remarkable achievement given the limits of refugee status and life in a refugee camp.

Conscience International now partners with two organizations in Turkey—Multeciler in Istanbul and UOSSM in Gaziantep--to provide free prosthetics and rehabilitation to as many as possible who otherwise would have little hope of gaining mobile independence—little Raghad is one more they hope to help.

The Turkish partners identify disabled Syrian refugees in the region who need prosthetics/orthotics, and Conscience International comes in to provide the devices, making sure they are of the best quality and properly fitted.  The Turkish organizations provide the aftercare—the physical rehabilitation that returns smiles to sad faces, and gives hope for a better future.

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