Major Disaster in Indonesia— Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano Eruption Sends Conscience International to Hardest Hit areas

In the space of one week, Indonesia got a powerful three-count punch—first an earthquake, then a tsunami, then a volcano erupted.  More than one thousand have been killed and humanitarian aid is desperately needed for the survivors.

Conscience International is there, responding to the tsunami/earthquake affected area that hit the Palu-Sulawesi region.  In spite of a military presence restricting access and heavy equipment removing rubble, Southeast Asia Program Director Richard Sarker accompanied by Dr. Debora Sinaga of DIAKONIA, have managed to make it to several camps that are sheltering thousands of victims who ran for their lives when, without warning, a tsunami brought 18-foot walls of water on-shore on September 28, 2018.  

Water, food, and medical aid are critical needs, and Conscience International is delivering emergency amounts of rice, oil, water, and cookers to a number of camps.

“The situation is really grave and devastating. People are suffering and there are many challenges here,” reports Sarker from ground zero.


Buildings have been flattened, whole villages are gone, automobiles are over-turned, remains of boats are pushed onto land, trees have become poles without foliage—and death is everywhere, so many people, including children, are missing.

“Hotels are gone or badly damaged and aid workers are having difficulty finding a place to rest after a long and hectic day,” Sarker adds. “Frankly speaking, I have been overwhelmed, but we have established some local partnerships.  It helps that I have been able to see the real picture and bring some comfort to many people in spite of limited resources.

Conscience International wants to do more to help relieve the suffering of these people who have been hit extraordinarily hard with three in a row disasters.  Please consider being part of the solution by donating in any amount.  All donations are tax-deductible.  You can donate on our secure website or by mail to: Conscience International, P.O. Box 1163, Alpharetta, GA 30009 USA.