Simple, Small Gestures Make a Big Difference—Showing Compassion for Two Orphans in Bangladesh

When Richard Sarker’s granddaughter read our story about Sreamoni and Wilson a few months ago ( she went to her closet at her home in America and pulled out some of her prettiest dresses, handed them to her grandfather (who is Conscience International’s Program Director for SE Asia) and asked him to take the clothes to Sreamoni in Bangladesh.

Richard added to the gift by purchasing new shirts for Wilson; simple acts of kindness that brightened the day for a brother and sister who have faced so many family tragedies in the space of just a few weeks. (Read previous story)—the worst of which was the loss of both their mother (killed by lightening) and their father (killed in a bus accident while seeking work in another town). 


Currently the children are living with their grandparents in a small, crowded house in Shambhuganj where all four relatives—grandparents and children-- shared one bed, until an uncle donated one. A mattress and coverings will be purchased.

Shambhuganj is a small village in the Bangladesh mountains where Conscience International built a school in 2012, supports a hot meal program for students, contributes to women empowerment programs so widows and young mothers can help support their families, and is about to launch a school expansion program by purchasing land and breaking ground for additional classrooms to accommodate a burgeoning enrollment.

But Sreamoni and Wilson will not be living for long with their grandparents in the village where they were born. The grandparents are too poor to support two growing children, so Sreamoni and Wilson will go to an orphanage as soon as a place and space become available. Their future may be uncertain for now but Conscience International will continue to monitor their progress and welfare.

Conscience International Photos: Wilson and his sister Sreamoni, orphaned when their parents died in separate tragic accidents... Sreamoni and Wilson a few months later wearing new clothes... The children with their grandparents.   

If you feel led to donate to help these children build a new life of hopefulness, contributions in any amount will help. They can be made on this secure website or by mail to:

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