Children Suffer the MostóDealing with Disabilities in a Refugee Camp in Turkey

Kenanaís Story:

This is Kenana, a precious, beautiful seven-year-old who already has seen more of war and loss in her home country of Syria than anyone should see in a lifetime-- much less one so young and vulnerable.  Add the fact that she suffers from diabetes and kidney failure, a terrific blow to a family that must eke out an existence in a hardship environment of a refugee camp in Hatay, Turkey. 

Four years ago, when Kenana was only three, she and her mother, father, and two sisters—Lubana and Joumanha-- were fortunate enough to escape the Syrian war together as a family, but they had to leave their home and life in  Hamah, Syria behind for an uncertain future in a refugee camp in Hatay,Turkey

Kenana in her new stroller with Matthew Coley—Conscience International Photo 

Kenana’s physical conditions are affecting her ability to walk, so Conscience International has provided her with a stroller (easier for her mother to transport her) and a tricycle so Kenana can work on building strength in her legs by pedaling. But she needs more than that.

Currently she is receiving medical treatment for diabetes in Adana, one hundred miles away and a two hour drive by car from the camp in Hatay. Friends are getting her there. . But her family has been informed she needs more help than is available in Adana. She will have to travel to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, to receive the treatment she needs for kidney failure—300 miles away and a five and a half hour drive.

Treatments will be long term and costly. Her father, as a refugee, has no job.

Matthew Coley, Conscience International program director for prosthesis and rehabilitation, is working with his team to try to find a way to move Kenana and her family to Ankara so she can receive proper treatment for kidney failure. 

“It’s going to take a miracle to make this happen,” Matthew reports. So we need YOUR help.

A thankful Kenana with Matthew—Conscience International Photo

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