Conscience International Team is In Turkey Helping War-Disabled Refugees and Others to Regain Mobility

When the on-going Syrian war scattered families across the border seeking refuge in Turkey, the fleeing exodus of people who lost homes and homeland included many who had also lost legs and arms in the war. The difficult flight to safety also included many who suffered from congenital defects at birth. The terrifying migration was long and challenging even for the strong, nearly impossible for families carrying invalid loved ones.

With the loss of mobility, fathers are struggling to find ways to support their families; mothers are struggling to care for disabled children, difficult enough in normal conditions; more so with the devastation of war at their heels and an uncertain future.

Now these refugees have to struggle with life in a refugee camp with limited facilities, supplies, medical aid, not knowing when or if they will ever be able return to their home country or be forced to start all over in some other nation—if they can find one to welcome them..

When Matthew Coley recognized their plight, he set out to help as many as he could through Conscience International’s new prosthesis and rehabilitation program launched last year (2017) by President Dr. James E. Jennings.  Getting people either up on their feet and walking with a fitted prosthesis, or assigning them new wheelchairs, those who formerly had to be carried from place to place (or crawl) are finding a rewarding sense of physical ‘freedom.’ 

Matthew had already found partners to get the program underway in Guatemala and Uganda.  Now he was ready to tackle the victims of the war zone—as well as many Turkish citizens who also need help.

In July/August, 2018, he and his team finished a major distribution of mobile equipment to people in Adana, Turkey by bringing in more than 70 disabled persons and their families from a refugee camp in Hatay, an ancient city not far from the Syrian border and some 102 miles from Adana.  It took three roundtrips to accomplish the task over a two-day period.  It’s just the beginning.

Check back to this site for our upcoming stories and photos of individuals who are being given new life and restored hope.

You can help. Tax-deductible donations for this program to help hurting people can be made on this secure website or by mail to:

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