Conscience International in Guatemala. We’re getting closer to our vision of acquiring land and building homes for the victims of the Fuego Volcano disaster.

Kenny Phillips Reports: Doc Kenny and I had an 8:00 AM meeting this morning with Marlon from Maná de Vida. Marlon had taken our architectural plans several days ago to see what kind of discounts on materials he could come up with. We talked about the project again and as expected they are eager to see it get off the ground.

He came back with discounts that were half of the original drawing expectations! Fantastic meeting. Later in the day we headed back to the city for a bit of sight-seeing, grab some food and then headed to the hotel. We fly out early in the morning headed north. I feel this was a successful trip but decisions need to be made rather quickly.

Please reflect on these blogs and consider how you may help us turn this vision into reality.  These people can’t live forever in temporary shelter. They need your help.

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