Conscience International in Guatemala—Helping to Rebuild Lives and Homes to Meet Cultural and Economic Needs of the People

Today we met a man named Marco who took us out to the country to look at some potential land to buy so we can build 10 permanent houses for victims of the Fuego Volcano eruption, We looked for the better part of midday and saw several pieces of property big enough to meet our plan, but it must also be affordable and meet the social and economic needs of the people-- land close to main roads, close to where they can get food supplies (stores), water and electricity  if possible. And close to a school. Unfortunately, most of the land we looked at was not affordable. I had done some research and felt this was over-priced. It was disappointing.

As we were standing there I retold Marco what we are trying to do for his people. What we are REALLY trying to do for the long term, not a temporary fix.. We can’t help everyone but we can help make a difference in the lives of a few families.

It was hot out in the country and as we walked towards the car Marco said “You know, I have a friend who has some land through a trade and he wants to get rid of it, but it’s about a mile and a half further down the road.”  Lydia and I looked at each other and said. “Let’s go.”

We headed on down the road and after a couple of miles we took a right turn down a dirt road, passed a couple of small stores off the main road, and drove down about 3/4 of a mile and pulled over. Marco showed us a beautiful piece of land, 2.5 acres. When he told us the price I was floored, totally doable!

A girl came down the road on a bike and I asked her where the closest school was. She pointed just down the road. It fits our criteria. Affordable, close to a main road, close to small stores, electricity is available and it’s close to a school. And as a bonus,  there is already a well on the land although it needs to be cleaned out. That’s doable too.

Please help us move past this vision into a goal. Consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount to help those who not only lost homes in the volcano eruption but many lost family members as well.   

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