Conscience International in Guatemala Aiding Fuego Volcano Victims

Project Director Kenny Phillips reports: We arrived in Escuintla in late afternoon and met Dr. Kenny at the Maná de Vida compound. They have a school, clinic, agriculture training, high school scholarship program, feeding program and more.  They have been active since 2006.

We next met with a high ranking representative for Marlon, another NGO. We talked about our vision to relocate some of the Fuego victims and discussed partnerships and pulling resources together for the good of the people.  I shared our architectural drawing for housing from our last trip and he will get us a breakdown on materials we will need.

From there we went to some of the camps where the displaced are now living. The big school is no longer a camp. They have moved them, and CONRED is no longer involved as the emergency phase is over. In our journey today we ran across an American Marine battalion that is working with the Guatemalan Marines. They are building a huge camp with a school where I think they will move all affected by the volcano. It looks temporary to me.  The Marines are here. Just to help with the construction.


Conscience International Photos: Temporary housing for Fuego Volcano victims

What I saw disturbed me. Doc Kenny showed me today’s newspaper. It said the government was shutting down the project due to inflated prices and basically price gouging. Wow... politics and greed, a universal issue. The effort is good but it makes me sad. It reminds me of what was happening in Haiti after the earthquake.

But we will move forward with our vision of finding some property and building some permanent housing so people can have not only a home but their dignity.

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