Little Girls in Cayette and Furon Get New Dresses Made by Florida Church Team

By Kenny Philips Conscience International Project Manager on site in Haiti.

Arriving at the ravine between the two villages of Cayette and Furon we heard children singing. They were waiting for us. It was so cool singing songs with the kids and seeing them dancing and behaving so well while waiting for their gifts.

We were there to hand out all the dresses, shirts and shorts that the sewing team from a church in Fort Walton Beach, Florida had made, (thank you Ladies!) but when I saw how many children there were, I was sure we would not have enough.

We took care to select the proper size for each child, and by the time we had finished, it was a bit like fish and loaves being multiplied. Although I had felt sure we would not have enough, the clothes kept coming out of the bag until every child had one and then the bag was empty. What a witness!

There are still so many children in the communities who need help, however. On our next work trip we will bring as many garments as sewing teams can prepare for us.

Once we were done with the children’s program we said our goodbyes and went back to work on replacing roofs on houses. We are now approaching 100 finished roofs in Cayette and Furon since the hurricane devastated the villages near Les Cayes last year. That we could accomplish so much with a small team and limited resources just blows me away—like the roofs in the storm.


Kenny Phillips
Project Manager for Haiti


Conscience International is a 501-3-c Non-profit organization. 100% of donations marked for Haiti go to help those who have so little.