Conscience International—Helping Trauma Victims in Lagos, Nigeria

Recognizing Nigeria’s urgent need for more trained psycho-social counselors, Conscience International has formed a partnership with Richmont Graduate University, Marietta, GA,  USA, and The Educator, an aid organization in Nigeria, to sponsor this summer’s Trauma Counseling Workshop in Lagos, Nigeria.

The immense personal and social cost of trauma from war, violence, natural disasters, and homelessness is difficult to calculate but is very real for the victims.  Those attending are social workers, orphanage managers, nurses, ministers, and others in the helping professions.

Dr. Eniabitobi Kuyinu, pictured at left, with a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Mercer University, Atlanta, GA, USA, is leading the Conscience International team.  Her passion for seeing lives transformed paved the way for The Educator, a coalition of physicians and educators who work directly with helping people in one of the most dynamic countries on earth—Nigeria.

Conscience International has also organized and implemented trauma workshops in Haiti, Greece, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, and Uganda that were attended by hundreds of trainees now qualified to counsel those suffering from traumatic occurrences.  


Trauma Counseling Workshop Uganda



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