Low-Tech Grist Mills Empower Women Widowed By Boko Haram

The northeastern part of Nigeria, especially the area around Maidugeri, has suffered numerous attacks over several years from the fanatical Boko Haram terrorist army. Many towns, villages, and churches have been burned, thousands of people killed, and hundreds of schoolgirls captured and forced to convert to Islam and become sexual slaves.

Conscience International’s West Africa Program Director, Baker Hill, has started a program of economic empowerment for Boko Haram widows in the Kaduna area. It consists of supplying low-tech grist mills to groups of about six widows to enable them to support their families by selling milled grain in the marketplace.

So far we have provided 35 such groups with machines and are building more at a cost of $275 each. With your help we can include more groups of widows.

In Kaduna

Kaduna has suffered attacks and massacres and is now a place with numerous IDP (internally displaced persons) camps. Our goal is to put smiles on the faces of women affected by the violence and daily challenges of feeding their families.



Baker Hill
Conscience International Program Director for West Africa