In 2017 Conscience International President Dr. James E. Jennings announced a new program to help the most seriously hurting among victims of war, accidents, or circumstances of birth in areas of the world where there is little hope and a dearth of assisting resources.  The prosthesis and rehabilitation program, under the direction of Matthew Coley is supplying wheelchairs, crutches, and prosthetic limbs to carefully identified individuals in need in Turkey and in Guatemala.

Ali is a 20 year old  man,  disabled at 13 from head trauma suffered in his home in Aleppo, Syria, when the house was bombed.  He and his family of eight have been in Adana, Turkey for seven years.  His father sells water on the streets to provide income for his family.   Ali needs complete care. When Matthew was introduced to him, Ali was lying on the floor without any mobility. A heavy duty stroller was purchased, adding a metal extension for Ali’s comfort.  It’s a temporary solution until something can be designed so Ali will be able to sit up.


Muhammad and his brother Ekrem, 14 and 13, were also victims of the Aleppo bombing, forcing their family to flee to Turkey with two now handicapped sons plus two other of their children.  The mother is now alone with four children to support.  With funds provided by our donors he purchased wheelchairs for the boys and food for the family.   


Haci is Matthew’s right hand man. He is Syrian and has been living in Adana with his wife and four children for more than three years.   Haci and his family lived in the tent refugee camp before moving into a house. Without him, Conscience International’s program in Adana would not exist.  Haci is using all his resources to help Matthew identify disabled refugees in the area. When Matthew returned to Adana in March, Haci was using a bicycle to take items to refugees in need.   


For the program to be more effective in its outreach, we asked our sponsors to help Conscience International get Haci a motorbike with a cargo bed.  And you came through. 

Now Haci is transporting refugee patients to the hospital and back as well as wheelchairs and strollers.  It also helps him get his family around town.


You are helping in Guatemala Too

Matthew, left, with Nufio who was born with congenital birth defects in both legs but with a prosthesis he is now walking --and all smiles.


A special socket and a new prosthesis leg has helped Yadira have a more normal life following a chainsaw accident.