In Bangladesh we built a school, improved village sanitation, and provided women with income producing jobs

In the high mountain village of Shambhuganj, in Mymansing District north of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Conscience International built a school six years ago. The school has 186 students in grades 1-5 who never had the opportunity to be educated before. The parents are very proud of their children, who wear brightly colored uniforms and are well-organized to exercise and march through physical education.

Many more children of the village want to come to school, but the crowded classrooms make that impossible without an expansion of the facility, now underway. Even during the annual floods, these children are so excited about learning they have been known to create makeshift rafts to paddle their way to school. Last year, thanks to our donors, we added a hot meal program so children did not come and go hungry. Feeding the stomach as well as the mind is critical to learning.

But we are doing more. By way of community development, Conscience International also completed a sanitation project for villagers with 30 new design latrines as one way to help fight disease and improve hygiene. And for village women who need to earn income in order to feed their families, a women’s empowerment program is an on-going project where donors are providing funding for sewing machines and sewing training.

For other village women a goat-breeding initiative was started that allows them to sell goat milk and meat for earned income. We believe it is an example of community development done the right way and serves as a model of peaceful and respectful Muslim-Christian relations

Please consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount so we can continue to serve this community, one of the poorest in Bangladesh. You can donate here on our secure website or by mail to: Conscience International 44 Milton Ave., Suite 122 Alpharetta, GA USA 30009