A Day in the Life of Conscience International - Bangladesh

Some of the most desperate and needy people on earth are fleeing wars and natural disasters without any protection or aid. Many live under powerless and often hostile governments. Disease is rampant and resources are few. Helping out in critical moments is the role of Conscience International. Here are some of our current activities:

BANGLADESH—Conscience International SE Asia Program Director Richard Sarker is in Bangladesh this month responding to the Rohingya refugee emergency and the disastrous floods. In Shambhughanj, Richard is supervising the building of an addition to the school we previously constructed. It has 186 students, but many others want to attend and cannot due to space limitations. And with grade school students coming to school hungry, we have launched a hot meal nutrition program with support from our US partners, but to keep it going for the full school year (10 months) we still need additional funding. Expulsion of some 300,000 Rohingya Muslims by the armed forces of Myanmar has forced families to flee across rivers and swamps to incredibly poor refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Richard is working with in-country partners to help meet the emergency needs of this refugee population. Floods throughout Bangladesh during August and September destroyed towns, uprooted crops, and made many families homeless. More than 1,000 deaths are recorded. New floods came in October. As in past years, Conscience International has provided funds to help purchase seed corn for farmers who have lost their crops, without which their families will starve within months. In large parts of Bangladesh many people live below the poverty line of $1.90 per day.

Please help support our continuing work in Bangladesh by making a tax-deductible donation in any amount on this secure website, or mail checks to Conscience International, 44 Milton Ave., Suite 122, Alpharetta, GA USA 30009.