Conscience International Returns to Iraq to help refugees restore homes damaged by ISIS

We had a good day completing two homes to date, but there are more than one thousand homes waiting for repairs and to have electricity restored, all because of the destruction caused by ISIS. The Iraqi  people have been very appreciative of what we are doing. They graciously offer us water and food and continually thank us. The police welcome us wherever we go, and we have had no issues at the checkpoints.

I’ve noticed a big difference from what it was like here on my last visit in April. You can see and feel life returning. There is some new construction and people are starting to come back to the city. Cars and trucks are in the streets delivering goods and more shops are reopening. During the day you can hear the sounds of children playing, adults laughing. There are smiles and a look of hope on their faces.

The night landscape last April was almost totally void of lights. Now there are lights almost everywhere. Mosul is now illuminated once again.

-Robert Smucker, Conscience International Project Engineer  

Tax-deductible donations in any amount will help us continue to help families devastated by the attacks from ISIS. Please consider giving on this secure website or by check to Conscience International, 44 Milton Ave., Suite 122, Alpharetta, GA USA 30009