“Pillow Case” Dresses for little girls and 21 Roofs Completed

Today will be our last day on the mountain. I have scheduled a meeting to reinforce our vision and plan to make sure everyone is still on board. I wanted to give the people in the village of Cayette an opportunity to speak their concerns and get their input on the roof restoration project. For our next trip here, we will start using signed agreements by each home owner before any more roofs are started.

This will help with less confusion, and hold them and us accountable. We have a small program planned with the children before we leave. The sewing ministry at a church in Texas has made more beautiful “pillow case” dresses for the little girls. Pastor Harry will lead the program and distribute them. On our last two trips to Haiti, we brought dresses for the girls. Now we have to come up with a plan for the boys the next time we come. We head back to Port in the morning. I will spend a day with Harry’s family before flying back to mine. It has been another rewarding trip. We surpassed our goal of 20 roofs. We built 21.

-Kenny Phillips, Conscience International Project Director for Haiti.

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