When the ox is in the ditch, you gotta’ get it out—Conscience International Restoring Roofs in Haiti.

Today was a day of rest and reflection. I once had a neighbor who would tell me "When the ox is in the ditch you gotta’ get it out." This was that day for us. The local bosses had completed 14 roofs and they were ready to be paid. We met them in the ravine at the base of the mountain, thanked them for their hard work, encouraged them to keep the faith, and paid them. They always want to give us all the credit for replacing roofs for families who lost their shelter during the big hurricane a year ago, but we quickly tell them we are only the messengers and all praise and glory goes to God.

It was past noon when we decided to go up to Camp Perin, the first area we came to a year ago right after Hurricane Matthew took a direct hit on Haiti. The town was destroyed. I was curious as to what it looked like a year later. When we crested the mountain ridge I was amazed. Although most of the structural damage was still there the vegetation was coming back ten-fold. It was starting to resemble what the locals had told me it looked like before the storm.

We ate lunch in Camp Perin and had a nice talk about many things. The ox was out of the ditch and we were rewarded with a few hours of nothing to do but relax and reflect.

-Kenny Phillips, Conscience International Project Director for Haiti

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