Mexico Earthquake Relief: Conscience International Team Reports from the Field

We have discovered a tremendous local work force here. This is very encouraging because this place is off the beaten path. People have been sleeping in the streets for the past five days but some are slowly venturing back inside. Many homes, however, are damaged beyond repair here in Ixtaltepec. I’m sleeping in a roofless shelter on a concrete floor. It is impossible to rebuild the town, but tarps would be a fantastic temporary shelter from sun and rain, which happens every night. Food and water is not the issue, shelter is, so we bolted back to Salina Cruz, about 40 miles away, in search of tarps. Stores were sold out. We headed deep into the center of town and found an old hardware store. They only had 12 but it was a start. They would not accept US dollars and it was Sunday—but we were told if we hurried there was one bank open. Mission accomplished. But we need many, many more.—Kenny Phillips, Program Director

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The army has several relief stations set up for the locals              Our first tarp purchase.