HAITI: “Raising the Roof” in Haiti

Little girls get new dresses made by ladies in Florida and delivered by Kenny Phillips of Conscience International - Conscience International Photo

In October 2016, Matthew, a Category 5 hurricane swept out of the Atlantic and dumped its 150mph winds and rain over Haiti—the strongest storm to hit the poor country since Hurricane Cleo in 1964, killing hundreds, destroying crops and communication lines, and blowing off roofs of the poor in remote villages. Conscience International rushed teams in as part of a mass humanitarian aid effort. Our teams are still working there—replacing roofs so families can return safely home.

Currently we are replacing roofs in Cayette, a difficult to access village where houses cling to the side of the mountain.  From the top, the view is spectacular, the Atlantic Ocean gleams blue and sparkling far below, but villagers are still without “tops” to their houses.

Now, one by one, Kenny Phillips, Conscience International Project Director for Haiti, and local partners are climbing the mountain with materials to help owners return to homes “under roof.”  In June, 2017, seventeen houses were restored by our team, but there are still many more people we want to help.

By donating to this critical need, you can help us return to Haiti to put more “tops” on houses and get families out of unsafe tents and back home. Please designate your tax-deductible gift in any amount to the “Haiti project”.