GREECE: Working with Syrians Fleeing ISIS

Our team in Greece holding a reunion with a Pakistani refugee we had searched two days to find. On our last walk around the camp, he turned the corner and ran into us. He had just gotten his permission to enter Europe! Conscience International Photo

Refugee Children from Syria and migrants from many other countries suffer for many months in transition camps in Greece because they are blocked from returning home and forbidden to stay in Europe.

Nearly 50 persons are needed to run the programs and shifts to serve nearly 4,000 people in the refugee camp in Lesbos. Volunteers devote large amounts of time and energy to serve and manage the many needs of these people. Burnout and frustration are the byproduct of their labor. Many more people are needed to replace volunteers every three to five weeks.

The status of the European Union, the government of Greece, and the uncertainty of their future involvement make it impossible to predict the next step in aiding victims of this crisis.

We hope that people everywhere will act on their conscience and continue to support us as our long term team headed by Jeremy Holloman serves in Greece.