Another Container of Medical Equipment and Supplies Arrives to Keep Nigerian Hospital in Operation

Just a few months ago the entire staff of Jos University Teaching Hospital in Jos, Nigeria walked off the job, frustrated by the dearth of medical supplies and equipment needed for the vital care of its patients. Since then, two 40-foot containers have arrived from Atlanta, GA, loaded with an abundance of valuable and critical provisions to keep the hospital staffed and operating.

The emergency re-supply is a joint effort of Conscience International, an Atlanta-based, non-sectarian humanitarian aid agency serving refugees and others disenfranchised by the ravages of war, natural disasters, and poverty, and Medshare, Atlanta-based supplier of surplus medical supplies and equipment for global dissemination.

The second container arrived just a few days ago (September, 2016) and was met by the hospital staff including Dr. Edmund Banwat, the hospital medical director, and Dr. Danny McCain, an American professor teaching at the University, representing Conscience International President Dr. James E. Jennings, who recognized the need on his earlier visits to Jos and initiated and coordinated the shipments.

At the arrival ceremony, Dr. McCain noted “a good example of the West and Africa cooperating,” allowing the hospital leaders to pre-select the supplies that would most fulfill hospital needs.  He commended Dr. Jenning’s for his ability to “link the resources of the Western world with the needs of the developing world,”

But more is needed. Patients continue to arrive with critical needs.  You can HELP by donating your tax-deductible contribution in any amount at or by mail to Conscience International, 44 Milton Ave., Suite 122, Alpharetta, GA 30009 USA.