Conscience International Responding to the Migrant Crisis In Greece and Turkey

A Conscience International team was in Greece and Turkey in September delivering relief aid to hundreds of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and the terror of ISIS in Iraq. Our work in Greece and Turkey is ongoing with a followup team of 15 volunteers in October helping to build transition camps to shelter the continuing influx of refugees and migrants. We are coordinating our efforts with our local partners in Izmir, Seljuk, and Kaiserli as well as with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through its Country Director for Greece.

Along with the war refugees, there are also many migrants from Iran and Afghanistan who are likely to be refused admission to Europe and will consequently spend the winter in refugee camps in Turkey and Greece. In Central Turkey, we supplied 496 desperately hungry families now living in tents with grocery packages.

Cliff and Marilyn Gardner in Suleimania, Iraq. Cliff is Conscience International's Middle East Program Director and Marilyn is a Public Health Nurse for the State of Massachusetts. Read more about their work on her blog

Our work with the refugees in Iraq over the last 13 months has been important to the survival and sanity of those suffering deprivation and psychological trauma. With your help, we are continuing to assist the refugees whose countries are broken irreparably, and who are merely seeking security, freedom, and the opportunity for a decent life.