Delivering Food to North Iraq

Conscience International President, Dr. James Jennings off-loading food for distribution

Conscience International has delivered a truckload of food to help 250 refugee families survive for one month in northern Iraq.  Rice, beans, spices, cooking oil, and hygiene items go quickly. Hunger is the never-ending problem among people who are without jobs, opportunity, and finances to support families. Refugees exist in tents made of steel pipe frames covered in plastic. Others survive in unfinished buildings without walls, each family living in curtained-off ’rooms.’  

Temperatures in northern Iraq are excessively hot in Summer and very cold in winter.  Sharing the harsh climate with the refugees fleeing from ISIS, Conscience International's relief team endured temperatures of 122 degrees in August.  With winter approaching, hundreds of thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons face additional hardships.

Conscience International supplies medical aid and continues to work with our Iraqi partners to deliver aid to those driven from their homes by terrorism and war.