Conscience International Continues Helping Refugees Fleeing ISIS

Fleeing Iraq refugees make their 'home' on two thin mats

The daily exodus of thousands of Iraqi refugees escaping to neighboring countries, or the relative safety of Iraq territories farther north, continues unabated. Leaving cities and villages they may never see again, families are fleeing for their lives, shattered by the loss of homes, livelihoods, schools, and hope, desperately escaping ISIS militants who have destroyed, burned, tortured, raped, and killed in their quest to capture city after city.  

This is how Conscience International is serving: 

Mobile Clinic Support — U.S. medical volunteers on site assisting local doctors and providing critically needed medicines. 

Dr. James Jennings, Conscience International President, distributes bags of food to Iraqi refugees

Trauma Counseling/Art Therapy – Every Iraqi family on the run has been traumatized in a myriad of ways by the anger of war and loss.  Children in particular are encouraged through artistic expression to find a way to cope with the trauma of lives interrupted. 

Delivering Food to Camps – Hunger is rampant. Adequate food to meet nutritional needs is a never-ending problem, but funding to supply it cannot be ignored.


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