Gesture of Gratitude

A Bangladesh Gift for Nepal

When I stopped by Shambhuganj, Bangladesh on my way to the earthquake disaster in Nepal last month, the villagers met me with an amazing surprise. Recognizing in their own lives God’s blessings of support through Conscience International donors since 2012, they presented me with a gift of money to help someone suffering in Nepal. The people in Shambhuganj are among the poorest, but when they saw disaster in a neighboring country they called an emergency council meeting and decided to “give back” as a gesture of gratitude for what had been given to them. For two weeks, before cooking each family meal, they saved a portion of their daily rice as an offering, their expression of love for others who are also in need. Selling the rice in the market netted $31.00, perhaps a ‘widow’s mite’ to some, but a real sacrifice to humble villagers who have so little themselves. For more stories on what we are doing in Bangladesh and Nepal, please see the articles below. —Richard Sarker, Conscience International Program Director for Southeast Asia.