Nigeria's Jos University Teaching Hospital To Benefit From Shipped Medical Equipment, Supplies

The Ebola epidemic in several West African States, as well as other existing dangers to public health in general, is spurring Conscience International's drive to help hospitals in the most populated country in the region, Nigeria. 

Based on its medical team's evaluation during a site visit to Nigeria last year, Conscience International, in cooperation with MedShare, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has shipped its first container of medical equipment and supplies to the Jos University Teaching Hospital in Plateau State.  Located in North-Central Nigeria, the hospital is one of the country's most advanced teaching hospitals.   

"We are implementing a program in cooperation with the Jos hospital to help support several hospitals in the region," says Conscience International President Dr. James Jennings. "By strengthening the supply chain with shipping containers of equipment and medical supplies and  following up with medical training in several specialties, just think what the impact will be in the lives of  the men, women, and children of Nigeria." 

Conscience International has also proposed to provide bio-medical engineering training to increase the use and efficiency of existing medical equipment at the hospital.  In general, health care in West Africa is still under development, and "the burgeoning population is woefully underserved," Dr. Jennings observes. "The region has seen the greatest toll and the greatest infection rate."

Although Nigeria has now been declared free of the Ebola virus, the danger of that and other diseases has not passed.  Conscience International's goal for 2015 is to send additional 40-foot containers of medical supplies in partnership with MedShare, a supplier of donated medical aid to Africa and elsewhere in the developing world.

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