Trauma Counseling Teams on Site in Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon -- Conscience International is partnering with local Lebanese organizations to provide supportive tools and resources geared to helping on-site caregivers throughout the country to better deal with the immense daily pressures of ‘compassion fatigue.’ Refugees are not the only ones traumatized by an overwhelming situation. The question is: Who cares for the caregivers, the unsung champions, the aid workers who volunteer their energies to assist the hopeless and helpless in a seemingly never–ending drama of emotions?

In August, a Conscience International team of professional counselors went to Beirut to meet with representatives from various humanitarian organizations working with traumatized refugees. They conducted a roundtable-workshop on post-traumatic stress designed not only to address specific issues that are causing anxiety in the lives of refugees, but also the caregivers—challenges, obstacles, concerns and wish lists of managing and aiding hundreds of thousands of their foreign neighbors.

Conscience International is also helping relieve some of the pressure on the refugees by increasing efforts to provide food packages to those living in the Beirut slums of Bourj Hammoud and the widespread tent camps of the Bekaa Valley. In addition, enrolling refugee children into school is already underway. Most Syrian refugee children have been out of school since the war began—now in its fourth year. With little to do, with no school to attend, young boys easily become targets for radical militarist recruitment, and many girls are forced into marriage by the age of 12 or 14. Will you help us help them?  See the 'Give Now' page on this site.