Overwhelming Grief and Loss: The Trauma of Becoming a Refugee

They come by the thousands, terrified, horrified, almost petrified by a civil war that has destroyed their homes, closed their schools, forced them to flee their homeland.  They run, walk, beg transport, and limp across the Syrian border into Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, carrying only what they can in their arms and on their backs, desperate to escape the bullets, the bombs, the destruction, looking for help—food,  healthcare, jobs,  education, the basics of life. 

Mostly, they are women and children and the majority are coming to Lebanon—more than one million of them so far—a country with a population of only 4.5 million of its own and no infrastructure to handle the influx. They do what they can to survive, begging on the streets, sending their children to sell Chiclets gum or shine shoes along the Mediterranean Sea and busy side streets of Beirut.  They are hungry, scared, lonely, and anxious. They were not always desperately poor. They, too, once had homes and hopes for a future in peace.

But the on-going war in Syria changed all that.  Will you help us help them? 

“The ongoing war in Syria is the world's greatest humanitarian crisis, and nobody predicts an end to the conflict anytime soon.  There are 190,000 dead and three million refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and Iraq, with over one million of them children.”—Dr. James E. Jennings, President, Conscience International

Photo above - a refugee family serves tea and hospitality to guests in a tent camp.  (CI Photo)