Women Empowerment Programs Up and Running in Bangladesh

Bangladesh -- In a remote village of 50,000 persons in the northern part of Bangladesh, most people live in extreme poverty and hopelessness, depending on odd jobs—day labor, pulling rickshaws—to feed their families.  No road connects the village to the city center.  There is no running water, only unreliable electricity service, and, until recently, no healthcare facility, no employment opportunities, and no school.

But change is in the works.  Conscience International, through donors like you, has built a multi-complex center to help educate the young, empower women for employment, and deliver healthcare to the poorest and neediest

To date, 75 village women have been trained in income-producing tailoring skills; high school scholarships have been awarded to 18 village children, and the first three graduates—the first in the history of the village—are now on their way to college.  A primary care health facility in the complex is providing free services to the extremely poor and widows, and families are receiving two female goats for income generation.

This is just a start.  So much more is needed.

Already the 120 students currently enrolled in school are overflowing the two schoolrooms.  Another room needs to be added quickly to accommodate these children and to add supplementary grade levels.  Since many of these children come to school hungry and return home to empty plates, a school feeding program must be launched soon.

Another room in the medical part of the facility is needed to meet the demand for healthcare, and a Micro Credit Program, to save the innocent poor from unscrupulous money lenders is desperately needed.  More women can be trained to contribute to family income if more sewing machines can be purchased ($100-$120 each), and families can earn income if they are given a goat that produces milk ($25 buys one goat).