What's Happening Now

Syrian Refugee Support—

Food and education programs are among the biggest needs for Syrian refugees who have fled their homeland and are now existing in tent camps in a number of Middle Eastern countries. 


Conscience International in Nepal—

A Conscience International team is on its way to Nepal this week to assess and provide whatever humanitarian assistance is possible 


Confronting Trauma

Mental Health Workshop For Trauma Counselors To Take Place In Bethlehem, Palestine —

A two-day mental health counseling workshop designed to support and train those who serve in the helping professions to better handle cases of trauma brought on by wars and natural disasters, is planned for May 19-20 in Bethlehem, Palestine. The program is sponsored by Conscience International and its cooperating organizations.


Nigeria's Jos University Teaching Hospital To Benefit From Shipped Medical Equipment, Supplies—

The Ebola epidemic in several West African States, as well as other existing dangers to public health in general, is spurring Conscience International’s drive to help hospitals in the most populated country in the region, Nigeria.


Bringing Health, Hygiene and Developmental Progress to Bangladesh—

In Shambhuganj, Bangladesh simple technology is offering improved health and hygiene to village people who, until now, have had to suffer from a high rate of infant mortality and infectious disease simply because of lack of sanitation that those in the developed world take for granted.


Back from Iraq: Conscience International Calls For Mobile Clinic Refugee Support—

Conscience International has just returned from Iraq where the team evaluated conditions and offered assistance to refugees in seven of 34 migrant camps. Most refugees who have relocated here were forced to flee their homes in the wake of the capture and occupation of Mosul by ISIS in June, 2014. Now they are struggling for survival in make-shift tents, unfinished buildings, and on the city streets where some are begging and others are struggling to find any kind of work.


Building A School Is Not Enough. These Children Need Nutrition!—

When Richard Sarker photographed the newly constructed school in Shambhuganj, Bangladesh that he and Conscience International's partners helped to fund in 2012, he felt a sense of 'mission accomplished.' But it was on his last visit to Shambhuganj that he witnessed a disturbing development.

These children, he observed, "are coming to school hungry!"


Conscience International President Delivers Aid to Iraq—

While Iraqi citizens were fleeing their home town of Mosul and the threats of ISIS terrorists who had captured and devastated the city, Conscience International President, Dr. James E. Jennings was on his way to deliver aid to refugees wherever he found them.